Is Weed in Thailand Good?

While the legalization of weed in Thailand still has some grey areas surrounding it, one thing is for sure; you can smoke potent weed at home without getting into trouble. The thing with Thai law is that it is stringent and can change. 

One thing that you cannot do is smoke weed in a public place or in front of minors. The government’s primary reason for putting cannabis laws in place was to dictate commercial development.

This article discusses the quality of weed in Thailand and highlights some of the laws for home and commercial use. Without further ado, let’s start with this piece. 

What Is the Maximum Natural THC Content Allowed in Thailand?

The regulatory framework put in place by the Thai government state that marijuana in the country may not contain over 0.2% THC. Note that this is a meaningless amount because some strains such as the Hindu Kush have a natural THC content of over 20%.

We feel that there is no way that Thai regulations can control the strength of the THC produced in the country. However, just because they can’t handle it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t imprison or fine people who disobey this law. 

In “The Land of Smiles,” all cannabis extracts, including tinctures, waxes, oils, liquids, and hashish, are banned. These rules don’t make sense as prominent foreign studies have proven that various strengths work well for different ailments.

What Kind of Weed Grows Naturally in Thailand? 

Thailand’s hot and humid climate means that growing marijuana in the country is accessible. The soil is rich in nutrients, and the moisture in the air plus regular rain gives the plants what they need to grow.

With that being said, the marijuana that grows in Thailand is commonly called Thai stick and is a lower grade weed with plenty of seeds. You can think of it as a skunk strain with a light head height and medium-weighted smoke. 

It is also possible to find more prominent strains in “The Land of Smiles,” such as Super Cheese, Blue Berry Kush, and Durban Poison. These strains are grown by home growers or for the medical cannabis industry.

Please remember that the purchase or sale of cannabis is still strictly prohibited and can lead to a significant fine or up to 10 years in jail.

Can You Grow Your Weed in Thailand?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. You can grow your marijuana in Thailand, but paying attention to the law would be good. You can grow up to five plants for personal use, but if you get caught with 22.046lbs (10kg) or more with the intent to sell, you can be jailed for life. 

If you are someone looking to grow for the medical cannabis industry, it would be great to contact your local municipality to find out the regulations and register as a grower.


Smoking weed in Thailand can be fun, and rightfully so. What would “The Land of Smiles” be without a bit of marijuana to make you smile. Now that you know what ganja is good in Thailand, maybe your friend will share some with you on your next visit to the country. 

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